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Created on 2011-12-10 16:42:03 (#1129865), last updated 2012-03-12 (292 weeks ago)

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Name:Dragon's Rook
Location:Maine, United States of America
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The Dragon's Rook is a place for me to post my stories. You will find original, fanfic and muse-based fics (usually fandom characters) done mostly for [community profile] writerverse and other writing communities found on LiveJournal, DW and some from

Stories found here will range from G to NC-17. Stories here might contain het or slash. Stories here might contain events or topics that might be triggering for folks- that being said, all stories will be clearly labeled and under a cut so after reading the warnings/rating/summary of a fic- periculo tuo .

Comments, constructive criticism, feedback (positive or negative) and even requests are more than welcomed here! On the other hand, flames and bashing is not..
The Dragon's Rook
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